Our Path to
Employee Ownership

Founded in 1986 as an installer of aggregate and cement board panels, BAMCO naturally gravitated to architectural panel systems. By 1991, BAMCO began designing and fabricating our own line of composite metal panel systems. Today, we provide design, engineering, estimating, fabrication, testing, and installation services with a comprehensive and highly skilled staff of engineers, project managers, field and shop superintendents, and construction professionals. Our goal is to deliver a full-service experience designed to reduce the costs, lead times, and workload of our valued customers.

In 2018, after 33 years of owning and managing BAMCO, company co-founders Michael Biviano and Allan Pasternak sold the company they built from the ground up- to their employees. One hundred percent of the company was sold into an ESOP (Employee Stock Ownership Plan), which essentially makes the workers of a company the shareholders as well.

Biviano and Pasternak knew that they could not go on heading the company forever, and they wanted to reward the people who had helped them grow BAMCO throughout the years by giving them an ownership stake in the company.

There are only about 6,000 ESOP companies operating the US, and we count ourselves fortunate to be among them. Employee Owned companies are statistically proven to be more efficient and more profitable compared to their non-EO counterparts; when people are given a stake in ownership, they begin to act like owners!

Today at BAMCO we strive to continually foster a culture where our Employee Owners feel valued, engaged, and empowered, so that we can provide our customers with the absolute best-in-class service and product. Our people are our strength!

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