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Our ability to design and produce state-of-the-art, environmentally responsible, user-friendly products results from quality-driven, customer-focused processes that are embedded throughout our organization. Our persistent focus on continual improvement propels us toward our goal of 100% customer satisfaction and sets us apart from the competition.

Virtually Limitless Design Options

When you choose BAMCO composite metal panels for your building project, your design options are bound only by your imagination. Our high-performance panels can be made in a host of custom colors, dimensions, textures, and finishes, from zinc, copper, and stainless steel to wood grain, simulated stone, and anodized finishes. Other options include custom and radius shapes, insulated panels, integrated trim and flashings, and light gauge supports and furring. We partner with some of the most prestigious manufacturers of the latest-generation cladding materials, including Alpolic by Mitsubishi, Reynobond by Alcoa, and Alucobond by 3A, Trespa, Petrarch, and Swiss Pearl to provide design flexibility and lasting performance.

Convenient, Dependable, and Sustainable

All BAMCO panels arrive at the job site fully fabricated and ready for installation, saving time and effort by eliminating the need for field fabrication and significantly limiting the possibility of costly and time-consuming mistakes. By paying attention to the details throughout every phase of a project—from bidding to job completion—our customers know that we will provide a well-thought plan that leaves little room for error. All BAMCO panels meet LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) accreditation standards, which helps our customers earn points toward their project’s Green Building rating—and ultimately LEED certification. Built to last, our panels contribute to a healthier and more beautiful community.

Continuous Improvement

We work hard to operate a quality-driven organization by taking a comprehensive approach to continual improvement using Kaizen principles. The Japanese Kaizen philosophy of continuous incremental improvement focuses on both processes and results in an effort to reduce waste and improve efficiency. The Kaizen method is grounded in five primary elements—teamwork, personal discipline, improvement in morale, quality, and suggestions for improvement—and addresses the function and performance of everyone from top management to manufacturing line workers. This comprehensive approach allows us to continuously refine our manufacturing processes in order to consistently increase the quality of our products and services and enhance the experiences of our employees and customers. We believe that operating under Kaizen principles ultimately enables us to create better and more competitively priced products for our customers and is the key to our competitive success.

“The bitterness of poor quality is remembered long after the sweetness of a low price has faded from memory.”

Superior Service

We believe that service defines character, so we work hard to provide the best service in the industry. Our integrated design, engineering, and fabrication team is on hand to offer technical assistance from project startup through completion, so customers can trust us to make their job run smoothly. Customer satisfaction is our top priority, so we elicit customer feedback on every job we undertake in order to continuously improve our processes and products. In addition to maintaining clear lines of communication from start to finish, we use the latest software to track our progress and ensure that every job meets deadlines and is cost-effective for our customers.

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The team at BAMCO have consistently produced high quality metal panel systems installed with the greatest precision. Their engineering group works diligently to accommodate even the most impossible details demanded by today’s ever changing building envelopes.  Our designers and clients have always been very happy with the end visual results and the long term performance has proven to be solid. BAMCO is a “go to” source for custom facade metal panel systems at the highest levels.

Walt Cichonski, L.F. Driscoll Co, LLC

BAMCO has demonstrated their preconstruction services to be of the highest caliber. They’re accustom to providing budgets from concept all the way through to final construction documents with impressive accuracy. Their attention to detail, understanding the strengths and limitations of products, and means and methods enable them to identify cost impacts in design, and offer keen value engineering insights. BAMCO’s design-assist capabilities and knowledge are invaluable, and we have found the company, and personnel associated with them, to be extremely well versed in their field. The projects were run well and provided the owners a quality product with reasonable pricing. Their willingness to make corrections in the field with minimal to no cost impact, has made them a valued partner. The professionalism that Bamco brings to LF Driscoll projects have resulted in the buildings being completed in a timely manner and without the problems that we’ve experienced with other contractors.

Gregory Ore, L.F. Driscoll Co, LLC

I wanted to thank you, BAMCO as an organization and MD Stan for the assistance and focus provided on the 44 Whippany project.

As I had expressed to you on the phone, we were in trouble with the schedule on this job and needed help to get it rectified. I really appreciate your willingness to help and the effective manner in which you did so. I also appreciate the efforts of Darius of MD Stan. He really put forth a tremendous effort to finish the panels in time.

Without exaggeration, failing to get the panels done according to the owner’s schedule could have cast a shadow on a year-long project. Instead, due to your collective efforts, the project was completed on time which resulted in a satisfied client.

Thank you all. I look forward to working with you in the future.

Andrew Haas, Haas Construction Management, LLC

Just wanted to follow up to reiterate what a pleasure it was working with you and your team. From your shop drawings to your team of artisan installers – I have been thoroughly impressed with your attention to detail.

I appreciate BAMCO’s going the extra mile to get the project completed on time and am singing your praises to every architect I can. I sincerely look forward to the opportunity to work with you again and will take to heart the advice of pushing GC’s to get far ahead of the shop drawing process immediately upon project kick-off to avoid schedule crunches at the end.

Please pass my gratitude along to Sebastian, Mike and all your team members who had a hand in this effort.

Finally, we will be pursuing awards specific to the metal cladding industry and entering this project.

Project: Design Within Reach furniture store at the Garden State Plaza Mall.

Judi Shade Monk, DFA

On behalf of the Warwick Project, we would like to extend our appreciation and commend you and your company for the hard work and dedication exhibited on the World Headquarters of Jehovah’s Witnesses project. This is reflected by the diligence, innovation, and teamwork shown by your employees.After receiving site plan approval from local officials, site construction began on July 29, 2013, with the goal of completing the project in four years. However, project completion will be achieved in a 3-year period. Your company’s performance contributed to the early completion of this significant project.

Your efforts to assist with the project according to Watchtower’s standards are applauded. Watchtower is grateful for the dedication demonstrated by your employees during the project, and your company’s careful planning and deployment of resources, all of which contributed to the project’s success.

We recognize that it took extraordinary effort because of the complexity and quantity of work to deliver this challenging project ahead of schedule. We appreciate the professionalism that your company demonstrated throughout the duration of the project.

Patrick Scanlon, Watchtower

The install at Primark Danbury is the reason we keep using and recommending BAMCO for our clients. I can’t say enough about the field team. They put in long hours, communicated and really owned the job. Really happy with the attitude, final product, and we look forward to working with them again.

Dan Casey, Shawmut Design and Construction

Tudor Perini truly appreciates BAMCO’s spirit of cooperation along with the diligence of your personnel on the project.  The pride of workmanship and solution to problems puts your company well above others in the eyes of Tudor Perini.

Bob Naylor, Tudor Perini

Maybe not the biggest job we’ve done together but definitely a Jewelry Box of a Building. The end result was perfect. Working with BAMCO was an absolute pleasure and totally painless. Just the way we like things. We’re looking forward to the next project with you.

Robert Lekic, Hudson Inc.

Any successful project is about great teamwork! Thanks BAMCO for your commitment to excellence at 75 Kenmare.

Andre Kikoski, AIA LEED AP
Principal, Andre Kikoski

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