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BAMCO follows a process based on Lean Manufacturing principles. Lean Manufacturing involves constant measurements, feedback, and adjustments regarding everything from tools used in mechanical operations to overall process work flow. This process of continuous improvement helps us reach the ultimate goal of customer satisfaction, which can be seen in our increased productivity, shorter turnaround times, and a less-stressful customer experience.

Design & Engineering

From the moment a new project enters the door, our Sales and Estimating Team works alongside our Engineering Department to begin providing customers with all of the comprehensive preconstruction, budgeting, and value engineering needed to start a project off on the right foot. Construction starts on the drawing table, and BAMCO’s thoroughness in design and attention to detail set a standard for future project phases. We have one of the largest engineering departments of its kind in the country, which allows us to provide best-in-class services, focusing on:

  • Value engineering to ensure our customers receive the best design-build AND the best price point
  • Comprehensive and accurate representation of product construction
  • Fully designed interfaces with the other building products/conditions
  • Easily decipherable elevation plans, sections and details
  • Seamless coordination between design, production and installation


BAMCO specializes in architectural facades. BAMCO utilizes the latest CNC technology to provide the aesthetics and tolerances our customers require. Our equipment allows us to provide incredible speed and precision to every step of your project’s fabrication. Radius, perforation, difficult shapes and designs are our specialty.

Project Management

Like successful organizations, successful projects require both team work and quality management. BAMCO assigns each and every project its own dedicated team, ensuring single source responsibility from start up to completion.

Our project managers use state-of-the-art software to track, schedule and deliver projects cost effectively and on time. And our project teams are experienced and time tested with an average tenure of over 10 years. This allows us to provide our customers timely, coordinated and up to the minute information, from trusted sources regarding every aspect of their projects.

Field Operations

BAMCO has been a leading installer of architectural systems for over three decades and employs over 50 full-time, fully-trained field superintendents, foreman and journeymen. This provides our customers with a variety of services to choose from including:

  • Fully installed facade systems
  • On-site supervision and technical assistance
  • Quality control
  • Installation training and support

Job Site & Manufacturing Safety

Our Mission

BAMCO strives to ensure our workforce a safer tomorrow, through continuous evolvement of practice and procedure

BAMCO is firmly committed to safety and our ability to protect the health and welfare of not only our employees, but our partners and communities as well with a dedicated full time safety staff. Just as we work to improve the quality of our products and services, we also strive to enhance our health and safety performance through risk evaluation and policy development that will minimize hazards and prevent injuries.

Our employees are our most valuable assets and are protected with the highest-quality safety equipment. Team members are regularly trained by certified in-house trainers and industry specialists, so they may work confidently and safely in the most challenging construction environments.

Prior to commencing a project, site-specific Job Hazard Analyses are written and reviewed with each team member, in order to identify and mitigate any potentially hazardous conditions that may exist. In addition, weekly inspections are conducted to ensure compliance and to immediately correct any potentially unsafe conditions. Our manufacturing facilities use state-of-the-art equipment and work stations which are designed for lean manufacturing, utilizing 5-S principles, ergonomics and error proofing to seamlessly combine manufacturing safety and production.

Workers are trained on procedures relating to:

  • OSHA 10 and 30 regulations
  • Aerial work platform
  • Fall protection
  • Supported and suspended scaffold
  • Rigging
  • Forklift
  • Lockout-tagout
  • Haz-com
  • Hearing conservation
  • CPR
  • First aid
  • Driver safety
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