Composite Metal Panels:

FABLOGIC™ is a contemporary line of metal composite panel systems for use in commercial, institutional, and residential construction throughout the United States. Our team of top-notch engineers specializes in designing and manufacturing radius, perforated, and other complex panel shapes and designs, fabricating one million square feet of FABLOGIC architectural metal composite paneling every year.

Composite Metal Panels


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Metal composite panels typically consist of two aluminum sheets with a polyethylene or FR core, providing strength while still being lightweight. They are available in a variety of shapes and appearances. For example, FABLOGIC architectural aluminum composite panels are available in over forty standard colors and a virtually unlimited number of custom colors. Aluminum composite panels are also available in several textures and finishes including zinc, copper, stainless steel, wood grain, simulated stone, and brushed aluminum. Architectural aluminum composite panels also offer an environmentally-friendly option for wall panels, as they are made from an average of approximately 85% recycled aluminum content.

The FABLOGIC line of aluminum architectural composite wall panel systems includes the G-500 gasket joinery system, the D-500 “rain screen” dry joinery system, the C-500 silicone caulked joinery system, and the I-500 internal seal joinery system. Used in a variety of exterior and interior applications, FABLOGIC aluminum composite panels are built using state-of-the-art CAD design and the most advanced CNC routing technology. We focus on the design and fabrication of aluminum architectural composite panel systems, allowing us to offer some of the most innovative products on the market.

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