TRESPA Meteon® Architectural Panels

TRESPA International BV is a world leader in the development, production and delivery of high-performance, high-quality panels for exterior cladding, decorative facades and interior surfaces. Using proprietary technologies for the manufacture of exceptionally durable products, TRESPA is continually setting new standards in the building sector, life-style settings and environmental awareness.


TRESPA Proprietary Technology

TRESPA Meteon® is a flat architectural panel, based on thermosetting resins, homogenously reinforced with wood based fibers and manufactured under high pressure and at high temperatures. The panels have an integrated decorative surface using proprietary EBC technology.

TRESPA Meteon is used for vertical applications like facade cladding, balcony paneling and a wide range of other exterior applications. TRESPA’s proprietary technology ensures that Meteon panels are unique in the market today.

TRESPA Design Possibilities

TRESPA Meteon panels give architects an inspiring view of the future. Its Perspectives platform provides a source of ideas, new techniques, colors and shapes. Themes like Character, Rhythm and Depth give new impulses to facade design.

TRESPA Meteon® architectural panels can be adapted, changed, molded and fixed in different ways. This allows the creation of aesthetically different facades. Changing the surface of the panels adds interest, depth and movement and this is accentuated by the ever-changing play of sunlight and shadow. The use of light adds a further dimension: straight lines become curves and colors undergo a true metamorphosis, by illuminating the facade’s panels or joints by means of the latest LED technology.

Thanks to their versatility, TRESPA panels offer architects near limitless design possibilities.

TRESPA Spectacular Building Envelopes

TRESPA Meteon® architectural panels are ideal for use in innovative and functional ventilated rain screen cladding systems. Used on its own or as a highlight in combination with other materials, TRESPA Meteon can complement or even largely determine the look and character of a building. The wide range of colors and finishes available allows for the creation of strikingly individual designs or for complementing the elements already present – for expressing the personal vision of the architect or the corporate image of your company.

You can use TRESPA Meteon to create stunning building envelopes that last. Thanks to its excellent weather resistance, TRESPA Meteon is the material of choice for building envelopes in a wide range of weather conditions and applications.

Read more about how Trespa Meteon panels were used to create a high performance rain-screen façade for the National Center for Civil & Human Rights project here.

TRESPA Panel Fabrication

BAMCO brings its 24 years of technical expertise in the methodology of CNC fabrication to its partnership with TRESPA. Our belief in the product and our commitment to TRESPA has required us to make significant capital investments in state-of-the-art machinery specifically designed to increase the efficiency and quality of our TRESPA fabrication. This allows us to provide our valued customers the very best product at the very best pricing, a combination we have become known for.

BAMCO has met the requirements to be accepted as one of the select few TRESPA Meteon ® North American Fabricators. View plaque

View a TRESPA product demonstration of TS110 or TS210.