Exterior Metal Panels:

This latest-generation system uses internal gaskets to provide a fully weather-sealed system with the visual aesthetics of open joint or rainscreen panel systems. No caulk or exterior gaskets are required.

Utilizes full-length interconnecting perimeter extrusions that reinforce the panel flanges and provide self-alignment of panels

Pre-finished integral extruded joinery

Optional joint sizes and accent colors

High-performance system with guttering extrusions

Comprised of 4- or 6-mm composite panel

Lightweight construction

Recessed joint

Can be applied over a variety of substrates

FR core material available to meet NFPA 285 multi-story fire testing per IBC 2009

Lengths up to 21’

Widths up to 5’

Low maintenance

Solid plate skins are available as an alternative option to composite

I-500 Properties

Joint Size: ½” wide (13mm) Recessed 1”

Joint Material: Pre-finished Extruded Aluminum to Match or Compliment Panel Face

Wall Design: Internal Gasket, Weather-Tight

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